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Hello all,
I’m a relatively new scripter, and have only had a Handy since December. But I have a lot of content off of Manyvids, Onlyfans, C4S, and even some custom videos that the models uploaded afterwards. A lot of these videos are pretty good, and would work well with an interactive toy, but what I want to know, is if people on here are interested in media they have to pay to access? Some of these videos are something that I don’t mind scripting, but I probably wouldn’t use myself too often.

So my question is, if I upload a script for a video that you have to pay to access, do you pay for porn? Would people prefer to have videos that are free to access? Like I said, the reason I ask, is because some videos work really well with a synchronised toy, but if nobody will use the script/watch the video, then I’ll focus my scripting on other projects.

Please select all that apply.

  • Buy content from brands (I.E. Brazzers, SLR, etc.)
  • Buy from individual creators (Manyvids, OF, Fansly, etc.)
  • Watch only content from creators that post for free (PH, Spankbang, etc.)
  • Watch paid content (Brands or individuals) if someone shares it for free (MEGA to the video included with the script)
  • Will pay for animations from artists on Patreon
  • Prefer to have the animations included with the script for free
  • Hentai (Hanime)

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If you don’t pay for any porn, do you pay for paid scripts?

  • Yes
  • No

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If you pay for porn, do you pay for paid scripts?

  • Yes
  • No

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Good poll. I have been curious about these statistics myself as I have been downloading porn since the old BBS dial up days and this community is the 1st I have been part of that has a noticeable amount of resistance to sharing free links of paid content (with the exception of torrents.) Not saying that is good, not saying that is bad…just new and surprising to me after 30+ years.


I noticed that the script I uploaded for paid media had far less interactions than the stuff that was free… I expected it, but it made me wonder how many people will pay for content. I have a lot of stuff I’ve paid for, and I’ve been scripting a lot of the customs I’ve bought.

I know there are no rules against sharing torrents, but I have noticed a few people include links to independent creators, and the video that had been scripted, on posts where the original scripter included a torrent link to the video. There’s even a tag for paid media, so it seems to be something that is happening… Whether it’s to support the creators, or maybe a way to try and mitigate the risk of this site getting shutdown, I can’t say. Though I think creators should definitely get a shoutout to their videos, I ordered a custom (The Cyberspunk video - I wanted a video that is designed to be used with an interactive masturbator), and I couldn’t share the video with good conscience, she put a lot of work in, and she was really nice to work with. It would feel wrong for me to share it after that experience.

But talking about 30+ years of experience - It may also be a generational thing; there’s a big social movement towards ‘indie’ porn, with Manyvids and Onlyfans becoming some of the most popular, I think a lot of people are less willing to share them, partly because the models themselves are a lot more active in deterring people, than the old porn studios lmao. But there’s also a degree of more (I’m hesitant to use this word, but I think you’ll get what a mean) intimacy - You interact with the models, and it’s more human than the old porn studios, so there’s more guilt, and the models often have times when they’ll be honest and say “I’m struggling” etc… I could be talking out my arse haha, but these are some observations. Paying for porn is a lot more commonplace than it was, say 10 to 20 years ago (Or maybe people are just more honest about paying for it).
EDIT: Another thing I think makes a difference, is that everyone on this site likely spent >$150 on a sex toy for solo use, and if you’re spending that amount of money on a sex toy, you’re probably more likely to buy porn, than someone who doesn’t spend that much on a sex toy.

Actually this is addressed under the site wide rules:
"Do not link to material hosted by an individual (eg. seedbox) or a peer to peer site (eg. torrents).

Do not actively push other users towards torrented content or torrent sites."

I totally agree with this. If I paid for something it would feel wrong for me to share it. Contradictory I know…

Yes, this has been my suspicion too which is why I was glad to see this poll because if would give me a clearer view outside of my personal filter.

Thank you for your reply and feedback.

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Funny memory just came to mind. Other than getting into my dad’s magazine collection my first piece of porn was an ASCII 132-column printout from a mainframe computer lol. That was back in 83 or 84.


I meant with the MEGA links, but that rule makes sense… Guess there are some loopholes, like with linking to sites that, while they aren’t torrents, they’re not exactly hosting the media legitimately. But that’s so frequent outside of this community there’s no point even addressing it as a rule haha.

Yeah, I wouldn’t blame someone for not sharing a video. Especially when they spent a lot on that video! Some models, particularly well-known pornstars (Riley Reid, Larkin Love, Dani Jensen, Gina Valentina, Alex Coal, Asa Akira, to know a few that I’ve seen the prices of) charge a lot for customs. Asa Akira even charges thousands!

Yeah, the results so far show that, while in the minority, there is still a decent amount of people who pay for media. But I think a lot of those who do pay for content, will also consume the free stuff, because it’s free. and who doesn’t like free stuff haha.

Thanks for your input too!

I can’t even remember the first bit of porn I saw :stuck_out_tongue:

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Here is my deal.
Will download any free script for content that I might consider potentially trying out, if the content is free.
I will pay for scripts for content that I have or will buy, because I have plans to watch it.
So preferences for the actor, type of content, scene, etc. dictates what I am willing to pay for, both in regard to content and scripts.

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Thx for making the poll. Really helpful :+1:

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Years back I rented VCR porn tapes. That was the only source I had.
Then the internet changed everything.!! I have been a member of a few pay sites, but I consider that similar to a rental, I can view the content buy I have no rights to modify or redistribute it.

As to the paid scripts, I buy when there is a value to me. This goes back to RTS when there was not too many really well made scripts. A lot of the best were for sale only. I have many of those I have purchased.

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Interesting opinion, on pay sites, do you download the videos, or just stream? I know most sites let you download videos for free, though I think SLR has an option to buy videos if you’re not a member.
I’m not familiar with RTS, is it like RealSync? But I know what you mean - low supply, high demand, so paying for the good stuff is the best option. Now the supply has increased thanks to sites like this.
Personally, I’ve only paid for scripts off SLR, I don’t bother with RealSync, because the process of converting to crypto is such a huge inconvenience, that I rather stick to free scripts.

It’s more likely that I will pay for a porn subscription if there is already a bunch of scripts for the studio, otherwise it doesn’t make sense to pay full price for just one video to me. Definitely sites like POVR or SLR are worth the sub if you want to get the videos for your scripts, because the value for one month is crazy.

The other crucial thing for me is the payment processor. If it’s hard to pay for a video/script it’s more likely that I will pass on it and use unofficial sites to get it or I won’t get it at all. Basically if the site doesn’t allow paypal it’s an instant skip for me.

That makes sense, so if there were a lot of Brazzers scripts, for example, you may be more inclined to subscribe to Brazzers?

Absolutely agree. I don’t pay for scripts that aren’t on SLR. I don’t bother with, nor do I trust it much… But it makes me ask, what about Patreon? I’ve noticed some scripters use Patreon?

Exactly. And also the other way around: if I have active subscription to Brazzers I am more willing to buy scripts for it, so scripting for more popular studios makes more sense than going for smaller studios with smaller audience if you want a profit.

The patreon is good, it has a lot of popular payment options, but once they find out your products are porn related they might ban your account from what I heard.