Scripting Timelapse - Me Speedrunning A RIM Animation


I tried to record my scripting workflow for self reflection, and potentially helping others getting into scripting.

The Video (PixelDrain)

This 4-minute video took me over an hour to script. Looking at my workflow there is a lot of rooms for improvement:

  • Somehow get into detailing during the drafting stage, then had to remove these rough details later.
  • Overly obsessed with accuracy and frame-perfection. Good craftsmanship tho.

If you are new to scripting you may find some useful tricks in this, such as how I used motion tracking. But please don’t copy every action I take since a lot of them are me wasting time.

For fellow scriptwriters who somehow caught interest of me speedrunning an RIM animation, any feedback will be appreciated. Let us polish our craft together.

Video used:

The script is pending release. Join my Patreon for early access.
EDIT: Now available here:


Hot diggity dog…the speed on this guy…he goes so fast that his webcam footage loops and goes to a black screen once in a while :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyway could you tell me as to how much time roughly was spent on each section? I haven’t watched it fully but just skipped through and boy you blew my mind a bit with how you planned it all out and got the motion tracking to do so much lifting by just having it focus on the wings and kneecap instead of the actual action.

AND you added in multiple axis…aaahhh I only have one more thing to say/show for my appreciation of this:

My appreciation


PS Your not alone with getting into detailing when drafting up as I’ve been doing that too and has hurt me though I haven’t ended up changing those details later…as I end up finishing that section usually when I had meant to do an keypoint drafting once over and then detail.
I feel like frame perfection and accuracy is something that I personally am fine with gain as a result of sacrificing more time since I know it personally bugs myself when it’s not in tune, at least when I notice it in the moment.
I find myself usually losing most of my time currently I think to my slowness with using the program and not using motion tracking as I go frame by frame, tapping away on my next frame key rather than space-baring.

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The video was sped up 4x. Probably spent ~40 minutes on planning & drafting, and another 40 later detailing. But like I said I wasn’t too determined sticking to that workflow and would jump to detailing as I draft out basic movements. Would have spent less time otherwise.

Yes! I would put it on the pube if it isn’t blocked by the man’s body. The point of motion tracking is to just get the timings right, so as long as the feature is moving in sync it can be used for that.

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As a scripter I’ve always been both skeptical and a bit intimidated about using motion tracking software, but hot damn it would have taken me at LEAST twice as long to write that script as it did for you.

You’ve got me convinced it might be time to learn. Could save me a lot of time in the long run.

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