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When scripting on OFS, Ill download the video from wherever, and then when I open it on OFS, i cannot script frame by frame. The next button for me jumps a few seconds. So I fixed this by i-rendering the video (or whatever, lol).

While looking for different ways to i-render (or i-frame), I discovered that I can use VLC Media Player to convert the video.

My question now is, does anyone know what the best file type to script is? There’s so many here. So far, I have been using “Video for MPEG4 720p TV/device” but that gives me too many frames while scripting, and its also not efficient in OFS.

Below are the options. Any advice is greatly appreciated! thanks!


That’s weird… If you pressed the “next frame” button it should go to the next frame regardles of the video’s frame rate. Did you happen to have checked “FPS Override”, or mapped your next key to “fast forward” by any chance?

Video - H.264 + MP3 (MP4) is what I’ve been using. Although I only encode my video when they’re too large to handle.

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It was super weird, but a few people on here helped me figure out the problem. More explanation is in the thread i started :

Ill check the “FPS Override” as well, cuz thatd save me alot of of time. But i mapped and remapped my keys appropriately, and still got the same result.

Thanks for your input. ill try using that. I think by default, VLC converts it to that anyway.

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This is new to me… Will have to note that next time I script a vid from these sources. Thanks for the info!

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