ScriptPlayer 1.1.0 + Handy

Hello! Got a bit of a question/technical issue

Per the script player, I have gotten my hands on a Launch and now recently a Handy.
Launch there are no issues except connecting via bluetooth sometimes. But meh it connects

Handy has been a problem child for me.
Once getting it was a nightmare getting it to connect to the wifi, did when i swap routers.
All 3 sites that I am aware of that connect with it work. Dunno if there are any more sites but i’ll have to search.

I have not tried the HandyControl yet, but I did try the ScriptPlayer, after finding the right version and getting the beta. It was able to connect after awhile to the script host handyfeeling, however I am perplexed with local.

What is Local? Is that the PC that has the videos and scripts? Because if so I dont seem to understand how to connect. Verified the IPv4, perhaps its the Port? Not sure but for some reason I cannot get local to work. Am I missing a step?

Seems to be an issue on my side, cant open port 80 to save my life

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I cannot help you with ScriptPlayer but I can help you with HandyControl if you are willing to try it.
You only need to setup your connection key and MediaPlayerClassic in the settings. Scripts are uploaded to the default webserver. You can test the connection by pressing the Get Status, Get Settings buttons and see if there is a response.

And of course you must allow internet access as Handy is controlled over a web API. You must allow the app in the firewall or it cannot send commands to the API.

Is your browser using a different port than 80?

I think ScriptPlayer has the ability to create a local host for the scripts but I have not tested that so I dont know whats the problem.

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Local means ScriptPlayer hosts a small webserver that the Handy can download the script from instead of uploading it to
Script loads faster but your Handy has to be able to connect to your PC. If you have a DMZ’s WiFi or select the wrong local IP it won’t work

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I have it installed and set up kinda, I just havent tried it yet. I’ve been on script player for a few months now, since november of last year so its normal for me but I may check it out soon!

Yeah I am having so many issues trying to do this, i presumed it would be faster or instant like the launch, when I make a script and want to test it, on the server option that works has to download and when i try to loop it, it kinda breaks the flow and jitters or just doesnt run the script on the repeat also knowing its in beta is fine but it just keeps breaking when i swap videos.

Just having a reallllllllllllllllly hard time trying to foward my ports to 80 which i presume is HTTP but no matter what I did, I just couldnt figure it out. 3 hours of struggling. I’ll try one more time and see if I can find a proper guide on this. Doesnt seem to be anything I found that works for me, then i can help share the knowledge.

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You shouldn’t have to do that - if the Handy and ScriptPlayer are on the same network (or at least connected networks like LAN and WiFi on the same router) it should work without any additional network configuration. The first time you start the local script server (happens automatically) you might get a “run as admin” prompt to allow ScriptPlayer to run the webserver, but after that everything should work automagically.

You can test if the hosting is working by entering the following URL into a browser on the same PC ScriptPlayer is running on (after loading a script and connecting the Handy):


If that works, try it on your phone (via the same WiFi as the Handy) but replace localhost with the IP you selected in the settings.


After playing around with an own script host for HandyControl i run into the same problem. I could create a host on a Win 7 PC and access it from a Win 10 PC but not the other way around.

At the end it was the dedicated firewall on the Win 10 PC which has a unique feature named invisibility cloak which hides the PC in the network. After this was disabled I was able to see my web page on my mobile phone and the Win 7 PC and Handy also was able to download the script :slight_smile:

There was no port forwarding necessary.


I managed to connect local when I turned off windows 10 firewall.
If I keep it on it connects to the handy but it won’t download scripts from the local webserver.
Can’t find where in the firewall settings to fix that, I’ve already allowed scriptplayer.exe

Another thing since I got latest scriptplayer with handy support is that I can’t drag video/script over to the player anymore. I liked that feature.


Yeah this was opening, and I got an file from it so it was working, I think? but just not sending to the Handy

Bingo! So it has to do with Windows Defender Firewall settings, I have bitdefender installed but I dont use their firewall, I too will look into it and see if I can find out just what need to be authorized through but the moment I disabled them and connected local it downloaded the script in less than a second and ran it. Much faster than on the site. I was trying to figure out this for the sake of their server not running for some reason or something where I need local.

Now the only issue that remains is hopefully wait for a fix so that short loops can be repeated without breaking the viewer or when set to repeat, it loads the script faster, sometimes the script doesnt run but the video does until you click in the seek bar.

Handy not connecting via Local on computer using Script Player 1.1.0

Windows Defender Blocking connection with the Handy somehow.

Try to find out what needs to be done to allow Script Player and The Handy to connect through the firewall


I have Bitdefender too. So in case you ever decide to use their firewall you need to disable the invisibility cloak in the settings.


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