ScriptPlayer crashes randomly

Running the scripts with this setup:
Handy connected via bluetooth to Initface.
Scriptplayer connects to Initface and VLC Player.
Video and scripts play just fine.

But the scriptplayer randomly crashes at specific script sections. It’s not after a specific runtime or specific intervals.
It seems like it dislikes certain sections in scripts and then crashes.
After relaunching, and skipping ahead a few seconds, it’ll run fine again, until it may, or may not, encounter another crashing point.

Anyone familiar with this specific error? Thanks in advance.

What versions do you run?

P.S. I don’t have a handy, but I have extensively used Scriptplayer for my Launch directly… and Keon via Intiface which sometimes have been a bit flaky, depending on versions…

It says I’m up-to-date.
Running version 1.1.0

I think you are running a really old version of Scriptplayer.
There have not been a proper “stable” release in a while.

Please try to download latest Beta version from here? (Select the Debug version…)

Seems to be working now. I’ll update in case it starts up again.
Guess the tutorial linked to a really old version of the skriptplayer.

cheers man, thanks for the help

v1.1.1 is latest from Releases · FredTungsten/ScriptPlayer · GitHub

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