Scriptplayer mkv file compatibility

.mkv video files tend to have various problems for me when i run it on scriptplayer, varying from video not playing and showing black, to the audio not playing. mp4s work perfectly in contrast. Is there any extra thing i need to download or change for this to work?

download MPC and configure it so that you can use it as external video player

mkv is just a container, much like mp4, and it’s all about what is put in it. Mkv was popular maybe 10 years ago, but mp4 is the preferred container most use now and you rarely see mkv unless it’s an older file.

If you are curious about the contents a video file, which includes video/audio encoder info, try MediaInfoOnline - MediaInfo in your browser . There is a version that can be installed as well if you want to access it by right clicking on a file.

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