ScriptPlayer not connecting to Intiface Desktop *Help Guide*

ScriptPlayer will not connect to Intiface Desktop at the moment. Here is your alternitive: MultiFunPlayer

Well I have an Update for everyone that has this issue. Download .net Framework 5.0.2 Runtime for windows Desktop so that you may run this program. Windows Desktop Runtime is what you are looking for. x86 for 32 bit Windows, and x64 for 64 bit Windows. Yes this will work for MultiFunPlayer ver 1.13.1 and the latest realease as well 1.14.0. I hope this helps anyone that needs it. Download Link here: MultiFunPlayer NOTE: Your Anti-Virus software will most likely pick this up to be as harmful. It is a False Positive(edited)

Hopefully that help’s anyone just like me with this problem. With the latest windows update along with .net Framework 4.8 ScriptPlayer will no longer function as intended. The current version of ScripPlayer ver 1.1.1 and 1.1.0 are out of date and run on .net Framework 4.6.2.

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My issue is that it’s like my local server seems closed and no connection is allowed to it

Best way to get it to connect to the MultiFunPlayer is this First launch Intiface Desktop. Start server within the server tab. On MutiFunPlayer down at the bottom press the play button on it will auto find your device. Click on the down arrow for device and add your device.

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