Scriptplayer remote (by a stranger) control?

Hi, hope its not asked before.

Still have the old Launch, which works perfect with scriptplayer, but trasg with feel connect 3.0…

Soo is there any way that i can let others control my launch via the scriptplayer app?

Thanks, would be amazing if anyone have a soulution :slight_smile:

I guess by using something like Teamviewer and let someone choose scripts you already have would be kind of a solution, but I don’t know if that person could manually control your launch. Haven’t explored a lot on scriptplayer.

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Try, fun little thing, does exactly what you want


Thanks alot! Did not work just as smooth as scriptplayer i think. But hey, it was usable compared to the shitty feel connect😎

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Yeah, it’s gonna be hard to find anything 100% smooth with the launch, it’s just the way it was made.

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