Scriptplayer script skips

I noticed that some scripts in scriptplayer skips a few miliseconds like every 3 seconds is it me or do other people have the same issue?
After a few minutes my script is completely out of sync.

Which device are you using and are you connecting to it directly or through a plugin?

i use keon with intiface connecting through buttplug
and its only some most work fine

This sounds more like a video framerate issue where the diffirent formats like 24fps vs 23.976fps. Where a video that might appear the same actualy isnt and has this offset diffirence. And while it looks minimal. It very quickly reaches a notable state (after 20s the diffirence already did build to 480ms or almost 0.5s).
And there is a similar diffirence for some of the 60fps videos (but i dont know the offset there).

Is this the case for all your videos, or only very specific ones?

You could on that even try the web player: Handyfeeling local video player and see if the issue also happens there.

Thanks for the info i will check that out!

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