ScriptPlayer with VLC

I have my VLC connected with ScriptPlayer and it seems to start out ok but if I pause or try to skip around the video (in VLC) ScriptPlayer does not follow. Has anyone got VLC to work well with ScriptPlayer? What exactly do you do after you’ve connected them?

On a related note, does anyone know why ScriptPlayer can’t seem to handle certain videos (they play super choppy) which VLC can? I have LAV filters installed, is it a certain setting? Or how to change ScriptPlayer’s video playback settings to look more similar to VLC?

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VLC connection worked for me when i used a normal installed version, but since i switched to a portable VLC its not working for me aswell. but the choppy playback in your scriptplayer could be fixed with LAV / HEVC-video extensions from microschrott (windows) ← it certainly fixed VR content choppynis in deoVR player for me, even 8k resolution videos are running smooth now

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