Scriptplayer won't connect to launch?

I have a flashlight launch, but I can’t connect to scriptplayer for some reason. I can see and connect to it via Windows 10 with the Bluetooth 4.0 dongle I bought. I can connect to it via feelconnect on my phone. I have tried in the newest beta and non beta versions, but for some reason when I select “devices” the. “connect to launch” nothing happens and the launch is still flashing blue.

Can someone give me a quick walkthrough of what’s going on, or perhaps what I didn’t do?

I have no direct experience with the Launch, but maybe my experience with the Handy could help you.

With my Handy I use Scriptplayer with Intiface Central and Kodi, using bluetooth. I’m tempted to assume it should be the same with the Launch.

You open the Intiface Central and start the server, you start the scan of the devices, I assume it should find your Launch. Stop the scan and go to scriptplayer.

Click on the device menu, connect to buttplug/intiface > Connect . Two messages should appear, one for the intiface and one for your device. Now it should work.

I suggest you to find a tutorial, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

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