ScriptPlayer won't play scripts without videos and vice versa

I have set up my Kiiroo Keon with Buttplug and ScriptPlayer. I’ve got the good messages. I got the hello wiggle and my Keon lights are solid blue.

Then I go to play a script with a video link. Download the script and load it. Then I get a note saying there’s no video so it won’t play. But the video is a pornhub link so I can’t put it in the same folder as the .funscript.

How do I make this work? Thanks!

You need to download the video and put it in the same folder as the script, also it needs to have the exact same file name (except for the extension of course).

Since PornHub removed their download button you might need a tool to download the video - I haven’t tried many, but JDownloader usually works well

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Very helpful, thank you! So it will only work with downloaded content. Good to know!

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It works!

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