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Scripts controlling video

Just an idea born out of seeing some Vstroker promo materials. So as far as I’ve been able to discover, our setups consist of a video that controls a sex toy using scripts that map action on video to body movements. Hence you could say the sex toy (and whatever body part is in the toy) is a slave to pre-recorded video.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could turn this around, and make user the master controlling what’s going on on the screen? I mean, there are a few motion trackers (Oculus, Vstroker, various controllers, heck even smartphones attached to a toy) that could stream their movement to the video player that has video frames mapped to movements thanks to a loaded funscript. Player would only advance to next frame if toy is moved as required. If you want to go faster, move toy faster, if you need a slower section - just move your toy slower.

You would probably need a stroke preview to know what’s the next expected movement. Also, delays can be mitigated but never eliminated and may turn out to damn the experience in the end. But on the conceptual level it seems we have all the necessary ingredients to have this work.

Have you heard of anything similar? What do you think of this idea?

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This exists in a sense, but in a 3D simulator - Virt A Mate - through the plugin, BusDriver. This transfers script movement into person’s movement in-game.

It’s a pretty good looking (although you need a very beefy computer and it’s very complicated to get into…) simulator

If these two things changed, I would be super interested in this. Also, I think you need the OSR2 for this. While the OSR2 seems awesome, it still seems to be only for tinkerers who can build it themselves.

@internetpornwho thanks for the tips! Yeah I know about Virt-a-mate but that needs a beefy PC (which I do not have) while a portable cordless setup would be a lot more immersive potentially.

Anti Zero’s Captain Hardcore seems to be closest to what I have in mind as far as VR goes… but a rendered girl is still a far cry (at least visually) from a filmed girl for the time being if you ask me :slight_smile:

Check this →
I have this and it’s fun :+1:
You can also control your porn video’s with it, faster move = faster play…

This looks interesting, thanks. Do you know of any video that is not a short promo clip that would show the system actually working? Is this compatible with Quest 2 or desktop only?