Scripts I'm Working On - April

Hey Folks!

Just wanted to take a moment to announce some specific scripts I plan to work on to avoid redundant efforts. Recently another user created a script for a video I was about to work on and saved me a lot of time, so I though it’d be good to share the ones I plan to work on.

Of course, if anyone wants to script any of these, go for it! But it’d be great if you let me know so I don’t spent a whole week scripting something someone else has already done :slight_smile:

In the oven now:

  • Cindy Starfall - Fucking Machines (Kink) ~50% complete
  • Pain and Pleasure - A CBT Edging Handjob (Hegre Art) ((a request from here)) ~60% complete

Upcoming plans:

  • Lulu Chu - Spin the Wheel (Girlcum)
  • Luna Okko - Riding Compilation (onlyfans)
  • Jennie Rose - Heartbreak Hotel (VRBangers)

And until I get these out (about one a week each)…

↓↓All my other scripts ↓↓

谢谢 and have a nice day!