Scripts off handyfeeling?

Hi i just noticed handyfeeling has added more videos for online use, but my question is can you grab the script file, there is an angel long video , i love her, she is filthy. and i have the video locally, can you grab the script somehow?

Not sure if there is an easy way. The website probably sends an internal command to the API server with the address to the script. Your Handy will download the file from there. You probably have to monitor the web traffic on your router to get the file that is sent to Handy.

Since there is no download feature on handy itself you cant get it from Handy after its loaded.

Ok , cheers, I thought it might be really easy

Concretely the client gets send a reactjs file called main.*.chunk.js, in this file you’ll find the first JSON.Parse with a really long json string, in this string is the video and script link for every video on the site.
I forgot the handy api takes the url directly without downloading the file, so you need to inspect the handy api call in the network tab, not look for a csv.

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Cheers Nodude, i am not a technophobe and could probably do what you say but just dont know how to go about it ?
i will keep my eyes peeled incase it pops up somewhere , unless you wanna try and educate me a little :metal: :ok_hand: :+1:

Works fine but I am not sure if we should post them here.

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