Scripts playing very differently

Hello, I need some help I’m a little confused… I’ve made some scripts which I have been testing with ScriptPlayer + Interface + kiiroo keon. They seem to play decent enough on there. However I recently moved some of them to the to my Quest 2 + Haptic connect setup and they are boreline unplayable. The Keon becomes very lively/too fast with a lot of the strokes. Some of the vibrating stokes, which play fine with scriptPlayer are completely jarring/powerful and feels like incorrect scripting. I’m not sure which to trust? Is there anything that can be done?

Report it to the SLR support or use Scriptplayer with Quest2 and DeoVR / Heresphere.

Hmm I think this is a ScriptPlayer + Interface issues. I will avoild using from now on.

Usually if the script follows simulator in OFS / JFS it should be fine, I’ve never had issues with Scriptplayer personally, but I also never used Intereface.

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