Scripts with action (almost) all the time

I’m looking for scripts that have action almost all the time. It would be perfect if it changes between slow/fast, long and short strokes, stroking the tip, stroking the base etc. It doesn’t have to come with a video.

I love the PMVs for this purpose. Clubberlang69 - Monument of porn is probably my favourite but I really like all the popular PMVs. But I was thinking, if there’s a handjob script where someone’s constantly giving varied action that would be even better.

Regular blowjob and handjob videos are great, but I find they’re going slow or stopping the action fairly often which is understandable since it’s much easier to blow your load with a person compared to a toy. The difference is noticable for me at least. So I prefer more intense, non stop action with a toy to make up for that.

Would love any suggestions!

here you go :wink:

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I’m not sure which machine you use but there are usually randomizers you can use to infinity generate something. But I still prefer a good “hand crafted” script so I’m looking forward to the replies you get here.

If you’re using ScriptPlayer, you can use the gap filler option on it. Unfortunately, if the script ends before the video, it won’t fill the gap which sucks because there’s still the chance for ruined orgasm and you also don’t get to bust while watching the girl swallow and/or play with the cum.

If you want constant scripted stimulation (minus the gap at the end), use ScriptPlayer, turn off gap filler, and check “auto skip gaps.” You can also set a hotkey to skip to the next action event.

If you like blowjobs, here’s a six hour compilation. The action is pretty much non-stop. I like this one a lot especially when I use Heresphere because Heresphere doesn’t have a gap filler yet. If you use it with Heresphere, you’ll have to use the 1-hour video/scripts though. For some reason it will crash when attempting to load the full script.

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