Searching for a Script

So someone already made a Script for the Video call katrina Jade sadly he lost it maybe someone in the community still has it woud be awesome shes one of my Favorites and there are not that many scripts of her so woud love to hear back!

Here is a video link if it helps

There are a bunch of scripts with her here. More information would be good so someone might be able to find what you are looking for.

Is it 2D or VR?

Has the video a name, more than just the acress name that is? Maybe even share a video link if it is something from PH, spankbang, porntrex or similar site.

Was the script shared on RTS?

  • If yes, is there a link to the video in the archive here?
  • If no, how was it shared to the public initially (want to make sure it wasn’t a paid script from e.g. the old SyncArmy script marketplace)?

It would also be good if the one that scripted the video also publicly gives permission to share his work.

Its a vr video i also shared a link from porntrex and it Was shared here on eroscipts i can search the link later if you want im on my phone the original person that posted is @thatoneguy ive pm’ed him about the Script but he said it Was lost in a hard drive accident. The link for the Script that came with the Video wasn’t Active anymore sadly.

There are 2 free scripts for her scenes in VR afaik:

I suggest looking into this VR list first before asking for help because both scripts are easy to find there.

Yeah ive checked there already but there is not the Script for “call katrina” there is a link above if u wanna see which one i mean and ive double checked now and didn’t see it for that one still ^^ before i Post for help i actually Look threw Lots of Things and also try to contact the original creators First didn’t wanted to Look like im not Looking for anything sorry if it looked like it …

Oh, I haven’t seen that you updated your post. No clue, but good luck with your search!

thank you very much :smiley:

yeah i updated it before sentinel wrote but i guess since it was edited on phone maybe it took a while ^^

Ah, I see. There was no link when I began writing my reply so you probably updated at the same time as I replied :slight_smile:

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yeah most likly xD can happen i also am focused on writing and can’t even awnser like a yes or no question but at least i can say wait a minute xD

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