Searching for Lana Rhoades/Stella Cox script

So Naughty America remastered this Lana Rhoades/Stella Cox scene. And I would really love a Script to this scene.

I know there was a post from @hugecat including this script but the script isn’t there anymore.

Maybe someone could help me out. Or maybe hugecat has the script somewhere laying around and could share it?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: I got it now! Thanks to everyone :smiley:

just out of interest, is this remaster any good? the first one i checked lana was a giant lol is this scene better?

I like her NAVR Scenes, i don’t like the poor quality. Will check this remastered version as soon as i can :slight_smile:

The Thing is, Naughty America had a really bad angle at the early VR-Scenes. So it’s the same thing with this scene but I would say it’s mostly fine.

There’s one on Milovana if you search VR Funscript. IDK if they’ve ever resolved the issues with that torrent and not giving correct credit or something, so I won’t link it.

I know there has been a partially completed script for that scene.

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