Searching for old Funscript (jondosanta)

I found this Link on ScriptAxis. And it shows a funscript to one of my favorite Hypno goon videos.
Can anyone help to find this funscript. i would even pay for it, tbh. :slight_smile:
thanks in advance for any inputs

This is the page

Schorsche deleted all his content here. He has 2 scripts released on

do you still have the video?

So why was puste comment flagged with no obvious reason?
He geniunely tried to help, mADsCRIPTS says Schrosche delted his content from the site and uploaded it to another. But the Script we are talking about is not available there, neither does it seem to be sold anywhere.
Why community?^^

@mrvinrsk I have all of them in my mega drive, take a lookt but be warned, they are quite addictive :wink:

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This topic maybe helps:

Maybe because it’s against site rules to post others scripts? You don’t know why it was deleted…


Well this rule does just not make sense to me. but okay, i accept it.
tbh i have the link to the file in my emails anyways… but jeah ^^

…oh wow, awesome file drop! Definitely importing this one asap, thank you very much. i wonder how many other ones have existing funscripts? Worth a dive, for sure…

:partying_face: @EvelynEvil666 :partying_face: @GenesisHypno :partying_face:


Hypnotic edging video instruction 2 Build your urge and stay edged.funscript (144.1 KB)


the general rule is to not share someone else’s script

unless it’s considered ‘abandoned/lost’

unless the scripter has specifically requested their work never be shared even if they leave.

I know, confusing. Let me spin up a a new topic to at least get this started.

I’m glad to see that i started a disscussion about that :slight_smile:
and always happy to share old/lost content, enjoy :slight_smile:

Daamn dude! U got the other ones too?
I send u something GOOD in return! :yum::wink:

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