Seeking some help!

Hello everybody!

I completed my first script yesterday, and truthfully, i wasn’t all that impressed with my work!!

So im looking for any amazing examples of slow scripts people have completed. Recommendations for top tier work. Its difficult because you cant search for highly rated so its a bit of a gamble.

If you have any SERIOUSLY notable work, or scripters, please help me out!! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Hi ooomilkyooo

Few questions to help us recommend the right things for you.

Are you looking for 2d or VR?

Are you after scripted action or audio based?

Do you have an SLR subscription or are you only after free scripts?


Id prefer VR if possible!?
Scripted action i think, but if there is a really good audio based script i would definitely be interested! Im really after quality over specific types. I just want to see an AMAZING example of scripting. The absolute hall of fame work.

I dont have any open subs, but im happy to sub to anything if its worth it! I hear CzechVR is good?

Hi ooomilkyooo

Your best bet is to look at work from a few of the experienced scripters.

Realcumber has some of the best scripts but they are paid scripts through SLR (Either individually or streamed as a subscription.)

Realcumber - VR Script Index and Live Examples - Script Collections - EroScripts

For free scripts Husky and Sentinel are both very good and have a variety of scripts.

Husky - Script Index - Script Collections - EroScripts

Sentinel - Script Index and Work in Progress - Script Collections - EroScripts

Thank you!!! I really appreciate that, i will check them out!!! <3

I don’t think I have much in the slow script category, but some handjobs/blowjobs might be slow in some videos. I can’t point out any specific though. My script index is in release order (and thereby in scripting experience order) so look into the bottom half first.

If you are looking for something slow then look at the vredging scripts by @Realcumber. They cost only $3 but are amazing starting point for a scripter to learn. This one for example is very slow:

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Weirdly enough there’s a thread up about recommended slow scripts which i literally just posted on, Slow VR Script Recommendations.

So aye, for my VR suggestion i choose: VR Hypnosis Trainer - Scripted by Weavols There’s alot of work gone into it, and there’s a slower script version as well…

I have a pretty passable 2D slow script you are free to take inspiration from.

I love this one!

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