Seeling OSR2+ with twist and Base for 280 € in Europe (SOLD)

Hi guys, im selling my recent build OSR2+ with twist and a base mount.

I rebuilt it because i thought I want to have it again. Sadly I am rarely using it. So i sell it.
Power Brick and USB cable is included.

I built it 2 months ago. Everything works fine. See pictures. Printed with PETG.

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Looks good. Except:

Whoever goes for this, you may want to change the bolts that are holding the twist reciever to the arms.

There will be a lot of lost sensation becasue of the play created by having bolts that are a bit too long. I recommend M4 x 18mm


I might be interested… :thinking:
Where should you ship from? Does the price include shipping? I’m from belgium…
Could you possibly make a video when it’s in operation? Do you have a payment preference?

@M0SAIC thanks for the tip :+1:

Shipping is included.

Shipping from Austria.

Check PM :+1: