Selecting the next script

Hey everyone, I’ve been taking a short break from scripting and a lot of good videos have come out during that time.
I plan to make them all, but I would like to know which one you want to see first.

You don’t have much time to vote, I’ll probably start scripting on Friday night


I forgot to add this video, but it will also be written


Molly scripts are ALWAYS welcome. But the muffin vid…. I’m torn

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sorry I forgot to add video by muffin to the poll, but don’t worry, I plan to write all these scripts in the next week

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I am glad about every script you create, but I definitely enjoy the ones with TheMagicMuffin :grin:

It will be 2 or 3 in line, she is amazing in this video. Unfortunately, interactive devices cannot convey her mastery in full.


Very even showdown between Solazola and MollyRedWolf

Fans of both, you have less than a day to vote, the winning video will be posted tomorrow evening

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Whoever wins, it will be awesome. :smile:

I agree with you, who knows, maybe during this time another video will become a leader

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In about an hour I will close the vote, while Molly is in the lead with a margin of 1 vote

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Voting is closed. Victory goes to MollyRedWolf.
Soon I will post the script, the rest will be within a week.

I planned to release this script a few hours earlier, but I had to delay a bit

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