SelectPeaks for OFS - Improved top/bottom selection

This plugin improves the select top/bottom detection of OFS2 in such way it uses the entire curve. To use it you select any portion as you would normaly, and click on 1 of the buttons.

A curve in this case is any set of nodes which slow down and speed up, or sharp peaks with single nodes. It also works on smaller bumps, although less reliably.

The plugin does consider unselected nodes as part of the detection.

:file_folder: Plugin

Install this in the folder:
or for OFS2:

(the zip contains the plugin folder so you dont have to make that yourself).

:framed_picture: Example

Example selection

with the 2 results for bottom and top

And another example selection that shows a bit more of the special cases

Known issues: first and last selected node can sometimes be detected as peak, even if they arent. In most cases it should handle these properly.


This is incredibly handy when dealing with detailed shapes. Thank you for the (lua) script!

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