Selling handy in Europe £80 plus postage SOLD

Fairly new, used once, prefer my Kiiroo Keon and SR6.
FW version 3.2.1

What scripts work well with the Keon?

My scripts :stuck_out_tongue: lol jk, no I just quickly noticed they both respond very diffrently to scripts imo. I tend to script and test with the keon. I tried it with some of my favourite scripts and didn’t like how it was translating them. Almost felt they needed redoing. The handy is lively little thing and requires a ‘‘different scripting style’’. Plus I hated the sleeve and strap, feels unatural and was awkward AF to hold. You can tell i don’t work in sales lol.

Hi there, might you be interested in a swap for an OSR 2? or a brand new (still sealed) launch?