Selling Modded OSR2+ - May 2024 [SOLD]

Selling a OSR2+ (send me a dm for offers/interest)
Highly modded using premium internals and parts.


esp32 [wifi/ble]
motor aluminium heatsinks
5.5x2.5 female plated jack with cover
clicky led power switch
wago bus power terminal
dual screw desk mount
soft touch clip ring
easy access to twist gears
fine tuned + 100% fuss free
solid & clean quality 3d prints
carbon rod metal arms (optional)
20kg jx

costs around 125, will sell for around 180gbp
will include desk mount + powersupply.

Location UK

Send me a dm if your interested, will be building 3 OSR2+s using 20kg servos soon - let me know if your interested in those.

previous builds:

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