Selling SR6 All the Way - $200 - USA Only - [SOLD]

Rarely used, about 5 times maybe
Just overall not to my liking.

One of the arms on the left snapped off likely due to shipping. Currently hot glue together and seem to hold up when I used it again.
I also hot glued the other arm just in case anyway.

Will come with additional parts that Your Hobbies Customized LLC sent that weren’t the correct part to replace. I was too lazy and didn’t care to get the correct arm part.

DM for buying.
Shipping via USPS Priority Mail included. If express, is extra charge.
Paypal only. Anything else will require me to spend time on setting up.

is this still available,you didnt put how to contact for purchase and i would like this if its still available

Sorry, already sold to another person couple hours ago.