Selling SR6 with twist, tvalve, quickshot adapter $300

I’m selling an SR6 with twist, the quickshot adapter, and the upgraded t-valve, shown below.

video of it working in the mega link here:

I did break one of the arms, but repaired with JB weld steel epoxy(theoretically, the join point should now actually be STRONGER than the material around it). I haven’t used it in a while(I haven’t ever used it seriously, actually. I got it set up and working, realized I didn’t really have anywhere to actually mount it, and then put it in a box). :sweat_smile: Yeah, I wasn’t actually thinking when I bought this thing. I would have returned it… but there are no returns.

Note that if you wanted to replace the broken part, it’s only $35, or you can print your own: PLASTIC PARTS MK4 TWIST RECIEVER – Your Hobbies Customized LLC

Anyway, selling for $300 + shipping cost. I live in central Indiana, US, would be willing to ship elsewhere though. Prefer to sell to a scripter if at all possible.

Hey! Where are you located? I’m hoping shipping wont be too much. I’ve been looking for an SR to script with

Apologies, that info is probably important. I’m in central Indiana, USA.

I will note that I would, of course, prefer to sell to a scripter, so it’s good you’re here.

you still selling this?

Until I’ve marked a reply as a solution, it hasn’t been sold yet. I’ll probably edit the post after too

Sent you a message (probably should’ve just chatted you lol, don’t usually reach out to people on this site) regarding this. Hope to hear back!