Separating scripts into genres/categories?

Hello, I think the tags function is fine but is there a way to not see specific tags? For instance I’m not really interested in animated content - is there a way for me to filter out those tags when viewing the Free-Scripts section? Would it make sense to separate out the free-scripts section into separate IRL/Animated?

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In your profile settings, go to the tags section and add to ignore that you do not want to see


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You can mute tags.


Omg never knew this. Thanks! Dont own vr so its going to be a lot easier to browse now.

What if I don’t want to have it permanently muted? I don’t usually enjoy most animated content (hentai/loli) but there are some SFM scenes that I like. It’d be nice to be able to remove animated content for one browse but have it default to all tags without having to go into user settings every time.

Awesome thanks!

Muting will not remove certain tags when you search for them but only from your latest section in the script category. So you can keep the mute on permanently and then (advance) search for SFM scenes when you want. Simple and not inconvenient IMO. It would be nice for the advance search to exclude by tags but I do not see such an option currently present with ES (@hugecat would this be a possible feature -to advance search with tag exclusions??).

My personal opinion (which amounts to nothing here on this site :grin:) is to keep it bundled up because 1) gives eyes and attention to all scripters here equally and 2) like you said from time-time you may be in the mood to try something different than your usual routine which a plus for this niche because it expands people’s scope. Also I believe this may break or make some of the advance search features cumbersome.

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this is already possible


Thanks! @hugecat I have been using the default/prefixed advanced search so I had no clue this existed. Just gave it a try and it worked. Not as user friendly for newer user but great info :grin:.

TLDR for the article listed above -tags:___ will enable a negative tag search

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