Servers handy down?

hello anyone also having issues using deo vr and the sexlikereal site with the handy ?
are the servers of handyverse down or is it just my device that is malfunctioning ?
every time i want to see a movie the app said handy connected , sending script to handy , Failed to send script to handy . i have SLR premium with scripts so it should work but now it ain’t doing jack .
even the Handyfeeling site won’t play my video’s and scripts it keeps loading but no video or script loads into my handy.

My Handy is syncing fine. I used to have a lot of problems with the SLR app breaking all the time so I switched to Heresphere and it’s been great.

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mine is not receiving any funscript it always mention sending script to handy failed and if i want to see a movie on scriptplayer also same thing it isn’t playing on the handy … and the funscripts are not corrupt or anything but gonna upload the funscripts again on my vr headset maybe it could be that the files have been damaged or some sort but that would be a bit weird.

Maybe it’s a regional thing? Like, the Handy server you’re connecting to is different than mine? I don’t know how it works. Did you test it with or Maybe unplug it and plug it back in?

If your internet is not disconnected in the area and the handy servers aren’t doing their monthly maintenance try disconnecting and refreshing everything including closing the vr app. Your internet can cut off for a second and everything looks fine but the VR app and handy server aren’t synced. Make sure the sliders on the handy site are set to max 0-100 when refreshing the site and the handy sleeve holder is at the bottom position sometimes. If you change scenes and the handy sleeve holder isn’t all the way down or the sliders on the handy site aren’t set to the full range you can get the failed script notification.

I had an issue last night (about 9 hours ago, where I am) where Heresphere kept saying the connection key was invalid even though it wasn’t. The result was that no script would load because the Handy wasn’t ‘seen’ so couldn’t connect.

faptap is not working , handyfeeling is not working with videos or the sync test , slr is not working , heresphere also not working so i think there got to be a mistake with the servers

usually they do maintenance around sleeping hours at night. its frustrating

still having the same issues , tried it with a video partner this time and this is the result …
(recorded on my phone)

i hope someone has a solution for this i don’t want my handy to die just yet it’s only 5 months old …

@Dani-Joeri What site are you using?

Have you visited Handy Setup for troubleshooting tips? They have a link there to a tech support chatbot. There’s also a Handy official discord with tech support channel.

@Dani-Joeri It is working for me, have this tab open alongside the site and see if there is any disconnection of the handy feeling site. Handyverse

even the site is not responding video’s are not loading and sync test is not opening so rather a problem with the server than my handy i think i don’t use VPN since it has jail time here in belgium on it

this is the only thing i get to see doesn’t load any further …

@Dani-Joeri were you able to play a video and script on the local player?

no nothing it doesn’t do anything … all things i try it can’t load funscripts and the wifi keeps disconnecting from the machine …

Maybe clear your browser cache and cookies? or try another browser

this i get now

sorry for the mega link but that’s the only way to show it here