Setting up HP Reverb G2 and Handy


I recently got the HP Reverb G2 headset and I got it connected to the computer using Windows Mixed Reality Portal. But I don’t really know how to set up VR videos with funscript (Handy). Could anyone provide some guide and pointers on this? How does it work for local videos and for streaming directly on paid sites?

Any advice would be appreciated, thank you!

Refer to this post over in #howto section

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This is also a great post:

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I’ve got a Reverb G2 and a Handy and for what it’s worth, Heresphere (from the link Maviarab shared) has been working a lot better for me than the SLR app for local video playback.

Yeah after much thought and discussion on this site, also bit my tongue and got Hero. Hard part was getting the damn Reverb to connect (needed the newer cable)…the VR part was easy lol.

SLR app does not even start for me without Steam VR, and it failed to connect to the Handy for some reason. Turned out the solution is to use a web browser app (Edge) in WMR, and then go to to connect everything. At least it worked out fine for local videos and scripts.

Have been thinking about subscribing to SLR but it kind of changed my opinion now the app does not work as it should.

Thanks for the link above. For me, using WMR for apps is the hard part. It does not seem to always work. My Reverb connects without any problem luckily.

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I run pretty much every VR app through SteamVR including Heresphere. I set it so it opens automatically when I turn on my headset, so I just put on the headset and click Heresphere in the SteamVR menu and I’m good to go with minimal fussing. Getting everything set up the first time can be fussy and confusing though.

Yes, Steam VR works pretty well. But I just wish that they would improve on WMR which is a bit unreliable, and this headset requires that in order to function.

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