Setting up ScriptPlayer with DeoVR, DGLabs Coyote, TheHandy


So the new Scriptplayer 1.1.1 is adding support for estim and handy.

I have everything working together, with DeoVR, with TheHandy working with estimaudio coming to the PC audio output.

the last step is to get the coyote working, I have it connected to my pc via bluetooth, but it is only registering as a “other device” and not a “audio” device. since its not a audio device, ScriptPlayer does not have it available as an option to send the audio to.

Is there anyway to change the device type? or Can @scriptplayer @Liquid devs add the option to select other devices and support audio output to that?

ScriptPlayer is using existing audio libraries for that.
If something is not recognised as an audio device then unfortunately there is nothing I can do.

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It all depends on the characteristics of the audio you are trying to send to the Coyote. If it is purely volume shift between channels, you can use (the website) to capture the system audio to control the intensity per channel based on the amplitude/volume of the audio. It is the only easy way other than using the released open source Bluetooth Coyote manual to program Scriptplayer to send the bluetooth commands to it directly.

Volume shift is probably the best that the Coyote can do because the Coyote itself isn’t capable of synchronizing the frequency between channels for frequency phase shift using triphase like what Funstim does. It is possible to change the 'pulse rate “frequency” but that isn’t the same effect.

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Thanks. I’ll give the website a try.

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