Setup for newbie

hello everyone, I come to ask you advice about my future setup. i’m used to vr porn, but currently i have an aging setup that i’m totally upgrading. so far i was using a samsung gear vr and no connected toy (possibly sometimes a fleshlight). yesterday I ordered the handy (can’t wait to receive it) but I’m sure I absolutely have to be able to enjoy it with VR (otherwise I’ll miss out on a whole world). I plan to invest in a pico 4 soon. the question is therefore whether the setup I am preparing will work without any problems: the handy+pico4+xiaomi earbuds pico4 being brand new, is it supported correctly by vr porn sites? and is it compatible with faptap? will I be able to connect and operate the earbuds, sex toy and vr headset at the same time without problems? if you have any advice for me to start in this field (at first I would like to avoid paying a subscription to a porn site), I am at your disposal. Thanks in advance !

By the way, at first, is it possible to connect both the handy and my Gear vr to try synced vr porn ?