Sex in a Can case for the handy


I have designed a Sex in a Can case for thehandy.

It is rather a crude design.

Have fun printing and using it:

the file extension .txt must be changed to .stl.

Preferred material is PETG
Tested on an Anet A8 and Creality Ender 5
I will add cases for Fleshlight Go, Fleshlight, Fleshlight Flight and Tenga Air Tech with in the next weeks.

!!!This is a WIP!!!
I am open for improvement suggestions and constructive criticism

Greetings bmwgspd

SIAC2thehandy.txt (72.5 KB)


Sweet! Will the Fleshlight one be light enough for the Handy to actually deal with? Are you planning to include the end cap to adjust suction?

Oh I’m digging this design, I wish there was one where its half the cylinder but also with brackets on the sides for installing velcro straps through a hole so you can strap down and tighten any onahole with it

@Vilux: up until now I did not intend to make a lid for the case, because I thought that the suction effect would be too much force for the handy to handle. maybe something to evaluate in the future.

So far I have not had any problems with thehandy & Fleshlight combo.
I watch mainly the videos of CZVR :heart_eyes: in which usually the fucking pace is rather slow.

My idea is to make the FL Case as light as possible… maybe even a variant with an cut down sleeve. (most fellas do not need the 240mm length of the FL)

atm i use a jerry-rig OG FL Case tape combo…


I had already thought about it, because I still have a Meiki no Hinkaku Onahole lying around.(I love the texture)
Maybe in a few variations because onahole sizes tend to vary a lot,

thanks for the suggestions

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Yea I’m sure it wouldn’t be able to handle it with the cap tightened all the way on… maybe just a bit less than all the way on though?

I think if you can keep the case to ~80g you should be good. A partial cut off of the sleeve could be a good idea!

Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

I build up some kind of sucking machine a long time ago before interactive toys came up. For suction I used Aquarium Check Valve / Air Valve. These little guys are letting the air just flow in one direction.

If you drill 4 or more holes into the end cap you can regulate suction and outflowing air with the plug-in direction.



The Fleshlightcase is in the making…

I made the diameter of the mounting ring a around 1 mm smaller and increased the thickness to 8mm form the OG 5,6mm to get a more direct movement transmission from the Handy to the dick.(OG had around 3mm play)
The outer diameter is reduced so when you slip out the case will not touch your dick.

The final version of the Case will be approx 44g when printed with ASA or 55g with PETG in the 170mm Version.
The OG Case without any Caps weights around 136g.

With my cut down Fleshlight Lotus Insert installed, i get a ready to wank weight of 342g (Original 585g)

unfortunately i am a bit busy… so no STL release before the weekend (I need to do some Test runs with my PLA Prototype :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Greetings bmwgspd

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Hey @bmwgspd - Really cool project here!

Did you ever (or would you be willing to) finish your case design for the Go? Maybe with an inch or so off the length? This seems perfect, as the handy can’t keep up with the Go at full weight on faster scripts.

Great work budd!

  1. Are the clip in bits for the handy sliders slots reliable enough? I.e over time plastic can erode, crack, snap etc. I think you should add in a groove around the case to maintain use possible use of cinch strapping in case the clip in bits fail.

  2. about the end cap for suction effect… maybe consider using a sliding lid on the top of the cap - this allows the suction to be tight or loose. However i like the check valve idea too

Thanks for the feedback / for the kind words mates.

  1. the Slots are just for killing the backlash a Strap is still absolutely necessary.
    (Prototypes with a simple cylindrical outer shape had a tendency to slide around so i came up with the Idea to attach some clips … PETG and PLA are quite slippery :stuck_out_tongue: )

  2. In my attempts: negative pressure through a non-return valve, a restriction and a simple pump had not been successful because even with my rather small schlong and unholy amounts of lube the Handy was not up to the task…(stalling and overheating was the result). So i made no further efforts to implement suction… maybe the OSR is up to the task…

As it looks now, I won’t be able to do it in the foreseeable future, because unfortunately I have a lot on my plate at the moment.

The matter is not off the table in any case because the Go is for me the ideal middle ground between Fleshlight and SIAC (good transmission of movements without the feeling of fucking a pipe). :wink:



No worries @bmwgspd - Thanks for getting back to me!

If some funding would motivate you to find time, let me know, otherwise I look forward to when you have time to return to this project. I agree the Go is the best feeling I’ve gotten out of the handy thusfar, but it just can’t keep up with the fast stuff at it’s stock weight.