SexLikeReal app MEGA update

Hey everyone!
13.6 Update is available: VR Porn App from SLR | Download for Free in 1 click or enter in DeoVR browser

Release notes:

New Features:

  • Shorts - carefully picked short-form videos, which can be seen on the dashboard
  • Subtitles - (SRT) are now supported for local files
  • They need to be in SRT format and should be named the same as the video (ex.: if video is named video.mp4, then subtitles should be named
  • They are enabled automatically if player finds subtitles locally - you can disable them via button on Player panel or inside Subtitles tab under player settings
  • They can be moved in space by clicking on them and dragging
  • Additional options like Font size, Depth and Background opacity can set inside Subtitles tab
  • Haptics - Added Return to Base, Play/Pause, Edging mode and Manual mode buttons to Haptics tab
    These commands sync with the commands inside Haptics Connect app

Bug fixes:

  • Player timeline now properly aligns blue sections with seeker


  • Like button now gives instant feedback
  • Split Options tab inside player settings into Player and Video options
  • Changed the timeline seeker graphic to Ring when Timeline script overlay is enabled
  • Controller bindings for toggling Pause script, Manual mode and Edging mode have been revised

Other Changes:

  • Removed Christmas 2022 as default virtual environment