SexLikeReal gets Vorze Cyclone A10 SA and Piston supported

Really happy we made it work!

Now enjoy all the SLR scripts Interactive VR Porn with Sex Toys - TheHandy, Fleshlight Launch VR, Kiiroo Keon, Onyx+ with Vorze Cyclone A10 SA and Piston. These are really great Japanese products.

How to What is SLR Interactive VR porn? - SexLikeReal Blog

Great job @raser1 on that.

In other news script vendors are getting paid 50% for script sales. You can start earning right away. Get in touch with @Realcumber

Lovense Max 2 is expected in some few weeks from now.

We should greatly advance script creation in time and quality by introducing machine learning tools.

More updates are coming.

P.s. Please share any communities for Vorze sex toys that you know, also Japanese. Would be very appreciated.