SexLikeReal sex toys 2023 development check list

Some recent updates from us.
Please let me know how you like these.

Released :white_check_mark:

Some Work in Progress :construction_worker_man::factory_worker::hammer_and_wrench::

  • @Raser is working on E-stim devices support. Hopefully by October.

  • Public SLR firmware and servers to make every sex toy on ESP32 (like Keon, Handy, OSR) compatible with SLR outside of the box. Offering cam sites and others connectivity with SLR sex toys users.

  • User submitted scripts (no legal entity required) - upload your scripts on SLR and get points that could be used for all SLR services

  • SLR interactive stroker with twist prototype is coming in late Oct.

  • Smartphone app and WebXR player will be greatly improved in coming months. Native Bluetooth support into DeoVR (HapticsConnect won’t be needed any more)


  • State of the art script editor - starting soon.

  • Headset + sex toy + SLR bundle and out of the box connectivity

  • Peer to peer “Control my sex toy” feature that will also work for cam girls.

Would like to be a part of our team? Come join now. Looking for sex toys product owner and project manager.


As someone who owns a BlueTooth Kiiroo Keon and a USB only OSR2+, I’m disappointed that you plan to discontinue BlueTooth devices support and try to push to WiFi toys only.

If I have misunderstood please correct me.
~ Apart from that I love everything you have done over the many months to improve the SLR experience.

The Quest2+Keon combo is perfect when I’m away from home for long durations.


You will have a good reason to upgrade as the next gen sex toy is coming before we deprecate anything :wink:

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Are you guys working with TempestMax on your in-house toy?


Basically making streamlined commercial version of his developments.

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Please don’t make that same mistake as the Keon,
The battery pack in the Keon is a 4 lithium cell pack with slim protection board (14.4v-16.8v 700mA pack) being charged with only 5v with an internal dc-dc boost. The Keon is slow to charge and the battery runs out if you enjoy long sessions.
Myself and other users have hard modded their Keons by removing the underwhelming battery in place of an external 16V 5A dc power supply.

TLDR: Keon battery sucks - Please for the SLR toy have a large battery or a means to power it externally.

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Agree with this! I seem to be limited to 2 hours max no matter what I used. OG Fleshlight Launch was 2 hours max, with no ability to use it while plugged in. Handy had no batteries, but would often overheat and make bad clunking sounds after about 2 hours. Just putting the finishing touches on a SR6 so I think that problem is behind me.


Still using my Launch as the Keon’s battery life was terrible. Also tried the Handy but its awkward to hold.

I keep wondering if we’ll ever get to a point where haptic vests and similar are affordable and ready to be scripted for VR Porn, kind of a crazy thought to have more comfy content where you can feel the actress caressing your body and stuff, paired with pass through we’d straight up be living in a bladerunner movie haha

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that’s the plan :+1:

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DoubleVR Making dreams come true, Can’t wait to get to script content of that sort :pray:

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Updated a bit. See OP

That’s the old one:

*You can see greatly advanced complexity of the operation and I’m really happy we levelling up on Haptics. We welcome developers and manufacturers to join our effort to bring haptics to the next level :fire: *

There’s a major work going on on implementing BTE into Unity for the SLR app so we don’t need a separate Haptics Connect app to connect with sex toys. We can expect prototype in late July. It is going to take some time deprecating HC. We also need in-app Bluetooth to connect with a headset to make sex toy connected outside of the box by connecting everything to the same wifi network and auto-configuring Headset + SLR app + Handy. We are talking to Kiiroo to get them on Wi-Fi and implement the same workflow. Will be promoting for all other producers as well.

Another big thing is moving our haptics connectivity into SLR flat app and making flat videos work with scripts. As flat videos have nowhere good connectivity as we have made for VR. Waiting for our back-end to add haptics connectivity for flat on SexLikeReal and will start adding all the VR content we can get and scripts for it. Getting WebXR run with Handy is also important so we have it both on Oculus Browser, in Chrome from the website and in our flat apps. We expect many more videos with scripts and creators joining our scripting community. Do we want Desktop app to make it work with desktops as well?

*Something very new is implementing peer to peer Control My Sex Toy (Handy) feature. Users should be able to connect with each other on SLR allowing one user to control sex toy of another. Or letting cam girls control multiple sex toys with web UI (going to turn it into a “joystick” one day). *

Also I still think we need to come up with script editor at some point. Especially as we have our ScriptAI interface in place. We should totally expand it with editor options.

We are talking to Handy regarding upcoming firmware and server API update. We really want to streamline out of the box connectivity that wont require Handy code and making a bundle with Pico 4 headset. Also checking with Kiiroo on their upcoming Wifi upgrade.

Perfectly we want to come up with our T-Code firmware that would work with our server API that all the sex toy manufacturers will be able to use the same way like smartphones are using Androids.

*As the SLR stroker+twist sex toy work is having a good progress it’s about time we start thinking of server API. *

BlueTooth devices will be discontinued at some point in 2024 for:
- poor connectivity thus more support requests
- insecure scripts transfer
- poor performance compared to server

We expect many automated scripts from our ML team some time in September.

*Multi-axis, multi-user and user submitted scripts are coming soon. You can start making money on scripts right away. *

Also we really want to turn the table around and open up haptics integration with the SLR app. So it will be manufacturers job to make things work.

OSR Wifi support is coming and we should support it. Lovense wants us to integrate with their Lovense App but it’s still not clear if we want it. Basically they want to stream our scripts like Handyapp is doing. No idea if it’s worth the effort.

Adding haptic suits support (OWO first) sounds like another haptics we connect, but scripts should be very different. I still would expect we can pack it into FunScript or similar.

We welcome more developers and haptic people to join our team. Mail