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Should deepfakes be allowed?


I’ve always felt pretty icky about deepfakes and similar. I mean, those actors are real people with feelings…
I remember how upset Jennifer Lawrence was when her nudes leaked - I imagine there’s some of that associated with actors having to deal with the idea that these kinds of videos are being made (obviously) without their consent.

That’s just me though.


Because real people are potentially hurt by deepfake porn, so it’s at least worthy of discussion whether this place should contribute to that genre. Could even, in theory, damage the reputation of this site.


do you think real people are potentially hurt by the porn industry in general? Mia Khalifa doesnt do porn anymore, so everyone stop watching her videos. cant use those scripts anymore, and what reputation. i mean i dont think we’re all bad people but im not sending out emails at work about this site.

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I’m honestly pretty ashamed of seeing some of the responses here guys. Cmon. Every person should have ownership of their body and face. My body, my choice. Celebrities know that their image will be seen on a public level, but it’s usually their choice how they want to be viewed. They choose what roles to take, what songs to sing, what to wear at award shows, etc. When someone creates deepfake porn we are taking the choice away from the body. This is morally wrong. Different rules should not apply just because someone is famous. If you say it’s not okay to do to a coworker, classmate, neighbor, or peer, then it’s not okay to do any person. You can’t comparmentalize your morals. That’s just being a shitty person with extra steps…


I’m pretty sure it’s illegal in California and Virginia.


ive heard of deepfakes before but never looked to actually see what they were properly, jesus christ these are crazy lol some are very creepy cuz you can see the fakeness clearly, but ones like that emilia clarke pov are very convincing, makes me want an alexa bliss deepfake lol but sadly i was raised with morals and i agree that these shouldnt be a thing, but i understand people wanting them, especially the convincing ones, if alexa bliss had 1 it would be on my hardrive even if i felt bad for her about it, we are human and sadly no human is a total saint

that being said, if this site did decide to ban this stuff then i fully support that.


Uh oh…I think I probably need to be a little more careful about how I frame things.

I definitely didn’t make my post in a “I am a mod and I disapprove of these kinds of posts as a matter of site policy”, I was more just offering my opinion as a community member since I like talking about this kind of thing, and the morality of deepfakes has interested me since I first learned about digital recreations of real people.

I think I set off a little more angst than would normally have been attached to this discussion. I think that there are valid opinions on the morality of deepfakes from both perspectives. I have my own opinion, but I don’t think that it’s necessarily the objectively right one. I’ll be a little more mindful of how my posts can read given my position in the future, sorry everyone!


This is definitely an attitude that I don’t appreciate, and I do say that as a mod. This is a community discussion forum - people who aren’t interested in the opinions of others should stick to lurking and downloading scripts.

Yes this site has a sexual nature, but that means that we need to be more respectful and tolerant of differing views, tastes and opinions than most sites. Not less.


Hehe, re-read my post fam.

All I said is no matter how much you object, this is inevitable. Like taxes and death. You can idealize all you want but that will not change a thing. I foresee some strong legislation coming to combat this, but even that will not stop it.

Revisit this thread in a few years when the tech is mature and you will see just how right I was. It is called human nature.

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was replying to @hexen70

Maybe my post wasnt too clear :slight_smile:
I never mentioned that deepfaking is right lol just that it is inevitable. Once your name becomes a household name, it is reasonable to expect that things of this nature will happen, be it, privately.

The problem with this discussion is that most people cannot look at an issue like this with clear lenses, without letting emotion cloud their judgment.

There are no laws against this yet because the technology is so new. Me calling you out on this isn’t fetish shaming lol. Let’s say someone has a nonconsent fetish. There’s a huge fucking difference between them finding a partner who shares that fetish and consensually exploring it through roleplay versus them going out in the street and raping somebody. Same concept applies here. There’s a huge difference between Riley Reid who consensually films a scene and releases it to the public versus taking Emma Watson’s face and slapping it on a pornstar’s body. It honestly sounds to me like you have a deeply fucked up relationship with porn. Saying shit like “paying money to watch people have sex is immoral” and “I’d be flattered if somebody put my face in a gay scene without my approval” is seriously sad.


Sounds like to me your out of touch with reality, and homophobic. Consent to film, okay all we have to do is make someone poor enough and they’ll consent. Pornstar a a moral career choice? Like he said you want mommy in porn? Or your daughter again …its fake, you saying I’m not allowed to imagine things? What about art, or animated this post with you and your morals?

Were do you draw the line? Again what about Mia Khalifa sure she agreed to porn when it was filmed, but she really regrets it now, so do you stop watching? Nope don’t see you on those threads bothering people. None of these women are gonna sleep with you. And why do you think your opinion about what someone watches matters to anyone? I really don’t get how anyone thinks we care, how you feel about it?? Ima crank it daily to as many celebs as possible.

If you truly believe everything you have said in this thread then your perspective on porn and sex work is disgusting and unhealthy. You’re clearly trying to justify a violation of consent with a bunch of whack ass arguments. Well adjusted, grown adults treat people like human beings - they don’t treat them like objects to be manipulated for their own sexual fantasies.

Here’s a newsflash : sex work isn’t immoral if the involved parties consent to it. You can beat your meat to all the celebrities you want but you’re crossing a line when you steal their face, paste it onto a naked body, and upload it to be viewed by the general public. Pretend for a moment that you’re not a forever-alone incel (difficult for you as that may be). Would you be comfortable with it if someone stole your GF/Wife’s face off of Facebook and then deepfaked her into a bukkake scene, and then sent it to her friends, family, and coworkers?


You again assume how celebrities would react, because again you have your prospective and fail to see any other. Many celebrities would love to film a scene but wouldn’t because it would destroy their character. You know because it’s amoral. This allows us all to be happy. And again consent doesn’t matter in my brain, everyone consents. You don’t get to tell people what to cum to. I like how you completely ignore all my points and just say consent and insult me.

BTW they sold their image its not Emma id be fucking it’d be hermonie, not Natalie but princess padme. They sold their likeness for millions of dollars. They did consent. I challenge you to make a deep fake of me, good luck finding pictures. You completely ignored the animated question. Public images are free use, again your assuming celebrities feelings. And trying to police a porn site, any time someone posts about deepfakes you feel obligated to come talk about your feelings on the matter. No one cares how you feel about what I cum to. Maybe I wanna watch strait rape scenes, what does it matter to you. Get fucked and learn to close your mouth,

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In the United States, California and Virginia do have laws restricting this art form (if you you call it that).

Thursday, October 3, 2019
SACRAMENTO – Today Governor Newsom signed Assembly Bill 602, authored by Assemblymember Marc Berman, which enacts civil penalties for creating and disclosing nonconsensual digitally produced sexually explicit material.

Regarding the Virginia ban:
The US state has done so by amending an existing law which criminalised so-called revenge porn - the malicious sharing of explicit photos or videos without the victim’s consent.
It now makes clear that the category includes “falsely-created” material.

February 2019:
Twitter is the latest platform to ban a new type of pornographic video that replaces the original actor’s face with that of another person.

Currently 3 more states including Texas and New York have laws allowing civil penalties and private lawsuits regarding deepfake likenesses.

The UK and the EU have currently formed commissions to review deepfakes and potential regulation. While the prime concern is currently political dis-information, it should be noted that the language of the proposed laws is general at this time but can be interpreted to other issues.

I would expect this to become a part of most revenge porn, child porn, and non-consensual porn release laws. In other words Eros can put themselves in a far worse position than DRM issues with links to deepfakes.

Let’s not get this site closed for this.
I don’t think we allow child porn and this, to me, is similar.


5 States in the US have laws on the books. NOW.

This entire thread is just him embarrassing himself over and over again. Time for the rest of us to move on, maybe even ask a mod to lock it. I think the question of whether or not we should allow deepfakes in this community has been answered sufficiently.

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@hyn you are entitled to your own opinion just as everyone else is. That said, you are being extremely inflammatory. I need you to chill and tone down on the aggression. If this continues, I will look to take more action like a temporary suspension.

A lot of this thread is not really constructive, so we may clean things up soon.

And regarding if the mods will place restrictions on deepfakes: We’ll take a look at it and do some more research. It seems legally questionable.


I think it’s in the scripting community’s interest to avoid these legal grey areas. There’s a good reason why mainstream sites like reddit banned deepfakes and it’s because there is a ton of liability in being a platform for that content. I don’t know exactly how it works but we might already be skirting the line by providing Mega links for otherwise paid videos >_>

Wow what a thread, would be better if it was more friendly, we are all wankers after all with preferences etc maybe even to passing novelty fads like deepfakes (imo obviously) it does draw a parallel between consent to use of face and consent for fake porn as well as consent to virtual bj/hj etc. Both are unintended consequences - Though with scripting, maybe its less personal to the actress/actor… I have a feeling, similar to dcma stuff, deepfakes could be outlawed. But at the same time, imagine a class action law suit against handy or launch as to virtual sex acts… that would be a damn travesty… maybe in future, only those actors or actresses (porn or not) willing to allow for face use or virtual sexual acts… will be the content we will be legally allowed to consume etc…