Should I get a OSR2+ over the OSR2? Are there even multi axis VR scripts?


I am thinking about getting a masturbator for a while now, but didn’t know which one to buy. I ended up deciding on the OSR, since it seems to be the cheapest and at the same time among the best. However now I am confused about which one to get… the OSR2 (2axis), the OSR2+ (3axis) or the SR6 (6axis).

When looking at some of the gifs, that demonstrate their capabilities, the OSR2+ and SR6 look pretty impressive, the problem is however, that I don’t want to use VaM, but instead I want to use the OSR exclusively for VR porn.

When searching this board, I can only find a single multiaxis VR script, which makes me wonder, if I should go the extra mile and invest in a third servo for the OSR2+ to begin with.

Am I missing something? Is the OSR2+/SR6 useless outside of VaM? Where are the multi axis scripts, if there are any?


I order to @M0SAIC an OSR2+ friday and I’m planning to use it exclusively with VR videos. (I hop it will arrived fast ^^). I have done 2 multiaxis vr script this week but I’m waiting for the OSR2+ to test them before post. I haven’t tried multi-axis yet so I script them just by watching the OFS 3d simulator (I hop it will made a crazy experience). I’m will try to continue to script multiaxis VR videos if the experience is good.

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OMG - if you need a beta tester for ur script - LET ME KNOW. The world needs more multi axis scripts.


I have had the OSR2+ for over a year now and it’s my favorite. It’s really straight forward to use and the extra axis are really nice to have even for scripts that utilize it. I think the regular OSR2 is simply up and down motion (I have never owned that one), but when I adjust my seating position I find myself tweaking the angle that the device leans toward which is a major perk to the device. So unless you perfectly measure where the device is straight out in front of you at all times, which pausing and leaning forward to move the arm holding the device, you can just adjust a few sliders in MultiFunPlayer and you are good to go. That alone is worth it. I am still working with MOSAIC to get my SR6 to work properly. It’s still a relatively new device so there are still developments being made to it. If you are wanting something as a starter that is simple to use and less things that could go wrong with, the OSR2+ would be my recommendation.


I guess you mean scripts that do not utilize it?

Since the OSR2 and OSR2+ just differ in a few 3d printed parts and an extra servo, I guess it doesn’t hurt, if I order one extra. Thank you all for your input!

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wouldn’t worry too much about the lack of multi-axis scripts. multifunplayer lets you drag scripts onto each axis individually as well. you can take standard single axis script and put any scripts you want on the other axis. i’ve been experimenting with this since i got my osr2+. I like to put a slow script on the twist axis and usually just duplicate the primary script on the pitch/roll. it breaks the realism for some of the pov scenes not in a bad way. but its personal preference it can be over stimulating. its great with other content like pmv/CH/fh.

Actually when I’m scripting multiaxis for repetitive up down movement I taking the same mouvement for the pitch en just reduce it and for the roll I’m doing the same and inverting it. It’s matching on the most standards scenes.

I’m also planning to maybe add pitch and roll to scripts done by other scripters on my favorite scenes

I would not get the extra axis for your intended use. Every extra moving part adds play to the toy, which reduces the ability to convey subtle movements on the up/down axis. I made the twist, removed it, and don’t miss it. I have the pitch axis, but only because I use vam sometimes. Otherwise, I would remove it forever, as it blocks access to tighten the arm attachment screws. Those need tightening sometimes, and require disassembly to get to because of the pitch access. The i-lube is a very worthy addon for vr. Being able to push a button to add lube when you can’t see is much better than having to stop. It’s designed to work with the t-valve base, and I wouldn’t get the t-valve without it, as it blocks the top for adding lube that way unless you have the i-lube. I don’t bother with those sometimes because of the added cleanup. Honestly the only thing other than the OSR2 itself that’s really important is a rock solid mount. It’s a zero sum game. Any movement lost pushing the mount around doesn’t get to you.

so I have the same question, what did you end up deciding on? I guess the implication of this post is that the existing scripts on sites like SLR/CzechVR are just using up/down motion, which I didn’t know.

Sorry for the late reply: i ordered 3 servos, but didn’t build the OSR2+ yet (only the regular one). So I have the option of adding the third servo, but so far didn’t have the motivation/need to do that.

What I found out in the meantime: servos (especially cheap ones) can burn out in the OSR. So even if I never end up build the + lever, it doesn’t hurt to have a spare, I guess.

Yea heard about servos issue which have burned and which one you have now?

Ofs 3d link?

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