Should I upgrade Handy firmware to 3.2.3?

Hi there,

should i upgrade my Handy firmware from FW 2 to 3.2.3?

Im pretty happy with FW2 but i want to try which requires a firmware update.

I have read that people have some issues with FW3 like:

  • Must put -150ms offset to scripts
  • Strokes feel shorter
  • Can’t downgrade to (my beloved) FW2 anymore

Are these still a thing and am I able to downgrade if i don’t like the most recent firmware?

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That is not a firmware issue. I use -25 ms both with FW2 and FW3. The offset you need to set depends on your location in relation to the servers and (maybe) a little due to server load at peak times. I assume that TheHandy use Amazon, Google or Azure as their cloud provider and they support having data centers in North America, EU and Asia/Pacific (and other locations) to minimize the latency for most users. If they have one in all regions I don’t know. If you want to get a feeling for latency to data centers then you can check the Amazon AWS latency monitor.

That is true IMO. It’s because FW3 has a softer direction change (starts slowing down a bit earlier than FW2). The strokes are not shorter afaik.

Thank you for your super helpful and well explained answer.

I think i will stick with FW2 then since i like it the way it is.

I’m a firm believer in “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” – especially when it come to firmware. But 2.0? I’m not sure I can remember what 2.0 was like.

Not testifying as to their worth, the have instructions on how to roll back to 2.0 here: Handy Firmware 3.0.0 – Handy Setup

Which FW3 are you on… it says that 3.0.4 Fixed this. Is this not true?

Increased stroker reactivity. This should make the stroke feeling closer to legacy Firmware 2.

Ignore what I previously said. I’m running the latest version. Current version is better than when FW3 was released, but it is still softer IMHO.