Should we port SLR app on Android and iPhone to play with flat videos?

Update - Released:

I have been curious if we should port SLR app to smartphones making it work with all the haptics devices (Handy, Keon, OSR2 once WiFi added), also bringing super popular passthrough videos to your living room.

Potentially we can host a huge flat videos library there as well.


duh. this should have been done a long time ago.


definately for local file playback. need a video player with the option of using vr but not vr required.


:pray: Please do!


Yes, please! Honestly, I’m not a big fan of VR porn in its current state. It’s so cumbersome to set up along with a toy. Blindly feeling around for things is incredibly annoying and pass-through helps a little, but I often opt for 2d vids because of this. If you make the project opensource, I’d be glad to contribute.


open source, highly unlikly, the op isnt known for doing anthing that might let users escape his tiny little walled garden.

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It’s in works :ok_hand:

Interesting. Surprising also. Any information or updates?

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It’s in works. There more we think of it the better it gets. Can’t wait for release. Probably mid summer or September. Will try to air Android beta much earlier

great idea !

Also adding scripts support from flat videos and getting all the flat videos out there.

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Curious if we also need desktop version for it as well


I say yes. I dont know what SLR does differently than everybody else in the scripting space to control devices and sync the scripts but every other thing ive tried (scriptplayer, faptap, feelconnect, anything using intiface central) is horrible compared to SLR. SLR through the hapticsconnect app is the only way ive found to get a truly perfect sync between a funscript and a video. Its also the only one that doesnt invert the script when connecting to the Onyx+ as well as the only one that stays connected to the Onyx+ during videos with periods of even a few seconds where there is no action. So when it comes to handling the devices SLR is a million leagues ahead of everything else. The problem is its not available to use without a bunch of work on mobile and you have to use VR which renders it almost useless to most. Youd crush the mobile market with an android app and every market if you did regular 2d/flat video but kept however you handle the device connections and syncing.


By the way, are you thinking purely about converting VR videos to 2D, or does it also entail traditional porn ?

both 8char

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Any news on this project yet?

Playing with release candidate. Works nicely. Some polishing and it’s good with app store submissions

hell yes!!! please