Silent/quiet toys? Getting started and forgot the one thing

Yo! Glad to see a large resource for funscripts(and so consistently active, too!).
I’m not exactly flush with cash, so I used a couple walmart(yeah i know, lol) to get some app capable toys for cheap to get started until i can save up for a handy.
They finally got here, with one essentially being a dong helmet sleeve-ring-thing, and the other being an app capable anal toy: an off-brand Lovense, I think.
Anyhow, I decided to quickly test the “helmet” to see how it worked and…

Well, in my rush to not have a second horrible 5-hour session because I got numb to 20 odd years of porn(mentally, I’m sure), I forgot I had 3 other people living with me.

And that thing was LOUD. Not enough to get their attention in the second I let it run but certainly enough to spook me, and definitely not good for when I normally jerk it when everyones asleep.

I do have time in the day when nobody’s home, and I can always adjust intensity lower so it’s not like I have two very odd paperweights, but this leads to my question: is there any funscript capable toy that can be good and, well, relatively quiet to be used when other folks are asleep?

I still want a handy eventually, but it sounds like it won’t do for nighttime shenanigans.

Please and thank you for the response, as well as for any of your work in scripting. I was getting worried I’d have to hold back on the good times so I can actually enjoy them again(or not wear out ol’ Righty trying to play some fap heros because holy shit OW), but you excellent folks have given me hope.

Anyhow, more actual testing with intensity and how well they work with stuff like Xtoys tomorrow. I’ll likely keep you posted.

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I can tell you it definitely wont the moment scripts go faster. Now you can limit speeds at least (on which the volume also reduces), but at that point i think it starts to defeat the main reason to go for a handy.
At that point i think the launch becomes better (less powerful, but a lot more silent). But even then, the launch isnt silent either. And im quite certain that at night it will be audible enough. There might be other toys here, but of those i dont know how loud they are so cannot judge.

I think the best ‘silent’ funscript toys are still going to be vibrator based. Especialy buttplugs can be very silent (as your body prevents the sound). Unless you sit on a surface that can spread the sound again (at which point it can amplify the sound. A pillow generaly prevents that). But a buttplug can on that be a bit more hassle to clean (on whatever you lay or sit down, some fluid is very likely going to leak).

But on that same note, a vibrator touching your cock does work. And when having a proper sleeve to connect (most people seem to use a condom here due to it being stretchable), it can even be made handsfree. Its not going to be as strong as a handy on that, but can definitely do the job.

So far SexLikeReal sex toy has been pretty silent

Releasing a prototype soon

Especialy buttplugs can be very silent (as your body prevents the sound).

Yeah i’m getting that idea from today as well, got pretty muffled in comparison to the penile vibrator. Gonna take some getting used to in order to enjoy it, though, since I’m rather new to butt related sexcapades.

It’s promising, tho! For a cheap 25ish dollar vibrator that thrusts and vibrates, it’s got 19 levels of intensity(20, technically, but max intensity seems to make it all confused and wonky). That means its a decent fit for most funscripts!

The “helmet”, on the other hand… has only 3 intensity settings. Spent hours today on it: partly to get it to work and figure out xtoys for my tablet, but also to see which funscripts worked best with it. Oddly enough, base stroker/handy funscripts work best: I may not have nutted like I wanted to today, but at least I can say I survived Paizuri Bliss 3 beginning to end! :sweat_smile:

Anyhow, the course is clear for now… I’m probably gonna get a head start on sleeves while saving for a stroker. The strokers a loooong ways off, though, since I don’t get much cash to save in general, what with bills and food cost constantly going up and whatnot.

Anywhosles, thanks for putting up with my rambles!

Hmm, I might consider it, but if its over 200 dollars I’ll probably just get a Handy instead.

I’d love a silent thruster, but if it’s gonna cost way more than that, I don’t think I can justify spending that much, not even to myself. Spending effectively 300+ dollars total for the Handy and its accessories is already probably years of savings on my budget.

If you want to go even more advanced (and entirely silent) estim is also an option, although they do require diffirent script types. But a good set of this isnt cheap either (good powerboxes are often expensive, and for funscripts they must accept something like an audio channel).
But being analog, and providing multiple channels, it can offer quite a bit. And that makes them very suitable for funscripts.

And estim orgasms on that do differ from normal ones. So on that part it even allows variety to stroking. And even in estim there are quite a lot of setups you can do. As you can choose to have it involve an estim butplug, and you can choose whether a contact point is on the tip, shaft, base. Depending on the powerbox even direction (+/-) matters.

And its not like ‘scripts’ are truly hard to obtain either. CH videos have a lot of these on milovana (usualy as an audio file). But even without that, i already made a conversion tool to quickly convert any script: ConvertVib for OFS - #5 by SomeoneRandom (note, the thread is about a diffirent script that goes the other way around, but this post does the conversion).

And as a last suggestion: buttplugs can make you more sensitive overal (a good one causes constant stimulation), so even if they dont follow funscripts. They can assist slower less powerfull devices into still getting you off. All that is needed here is a good buttplug. Which you can recognise while using it, basicly any movement you make should already stimulate (which especialy when gettig close to orgasm helps, as you are most likely going to move a bit then).

But as all toys: when overusing a toy/setup, you can get used to that, and by that become less stimulated. Variety remains important.

Is the toy going to be released in Oct 2023 or April 2024?

Early kit in October, final product more like April

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