Site downtime notice 2021-12-27

There will be site downtime on Dec 27, potentially all day. See this post for more details.


We’re going to be upgrading the server and also setting it up to be easier to upgrade to a beefier server down the road too. Hopefully this won’t take more than a few hours, but it could take longer if there are any roadblocks.

When this happens, the current site will be put into read-only mode. You may also see the site look totally empty. Don’t worry, this is just a temporary state as all the data is migrated over to a new server.


Thank you for all the hard work scaling to meet demand!


Thanks for the heads up!

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Thanks, is there a “donate here” thread so we can help get better servers?


i surely appreciate all the work all you guys do. it does seem like recently there is an increasing amount of traffic…which is a GREAT thing! keep up the good work and thanks so much

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lol no, im too stubborn right now. Maybe in the future

Okay, things should be up and running again.

If something seems broken, please reply and give some details on what’s wrong.

Regarding performance, the server is slightly upgraded. However, we may run into some slowdowns if some of the performance settings I changed were too aggressive. So let me know how fast or slow site performance feels. If it’s still sluggish, upgrading is pretty straightforward now.

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oops, i did a thing and brought down the site for a minute. pls ignore

so far so good! Def feels faster after the update

Site is very fast now, thanks for that :smiley:

The site is much better now than before the maintenance. However, I still get the message that the site is under extreme load which disables the search feature. It happens relatively often.

not too surprised since searching requires more resources than just browsing. I’ll keep that in mind.

Heyo, there’s been some issues today, sometimes the website just throws 500.


Pretty slow this morning. Not sure if its due to the huge post that was put up recently. Perhaps the board isn’t designed for posts like this? (It’s an absolute awesome post, but not sure if its gonna crash the site :slight_smile: )

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The site performance problems were already there before I created my extensive post :sweat_smile:

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Not exhaustive - AMAZING. Thank you so much for that btw.

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there’s something causing an unusual spike in CPU usage for the last 5 hours. It’s not obvious why it’s happening though :thinking:

It’s possible that madscripts big post caused it, but hard to say right now.

Just to be safe, I’m going to restart and update the server.

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