Site Favicon Collection

A collection of favicons for popular sites. Can be used to decorate your hyperlinks.
If your favourite sites are missing feel free to edit this topic and add their icon.

Support / Store Sites

patreon Patreon
onlyfans Onlyfans
gumroad Gumroad
fantia Fantia
DLsite DLsite
ci-en Ci-en
fanbox Fanbox
ko-fi Ko-fi
bmac BMAC
Fanza Fanza
RealSync-logo_20 RealSync

Video Streaming

pornhub Pornhub
spankbang Spankbang
xvideos XVideos
faptap Faptap

File Hosting

mega Mega
mediafire Mediafire
pixeldrain Pixeldrain
gofile Gofile
catbox Catbox
wormhole_favicon Wormhole
Filehaus Filehaus
Workupload Workupload
Anonym Anonym File


mhicon MuchoHentai
ng Newgrounds
rule34vid Rule34Videos
danbooru Danbooru
favicon e621
sankaku SankakuComplex
gelbooru Gelbooru
hanime Hanime
iwara Iwara
hmvmania HMVmania
pixiv Pixiv
faphub_favicon Faphub


github Github
X X (Twitter)
vk VK
eroscript EroScripts
thehandy Handy
buttplug Buttplug
f95 F95zone