Site Favicon Collection

A collection of favicons for popular sites. Can be used to decorate your hyperlinks.
If your favourite sites are missing feel free to edit this topic and add their icon.

Support / Store Sites

patreon Patreon
onlyfans Onlyfans
gumroad Gumroad
fantia Fantia
DLsite DLsite
ci-en Ci-en
fanbox Fanbox
ko-fi Ko-fi
bmac BMAC
Fanza Fanza
RealSync-logo_20 RealSync

Video Streaming

pornhub Pornhub
spankbang Spankbang
xvideos XVideos
faptap Faptap

File Hosting

mega Mega
mediafire Mediafire
pixeldrain Pixeldrain
gofile Gofile
catbox Catbox
wormhole_favicon wormhole


mhicon MuchoHentai
ng Newgrounds
rule34vid Rule34Videos
danbooru Danbooru
favicon e621
sankaku SankakuComplex
gelbooru Gelbooru
hanime Hanime
iwara Iwara
hmvmania HMVmania
pixiv Pixiv
faphub_favicon Faphub


github Github
X X (Twitter)
vk VK
eroscript EroScripts
thehandy Handy
buttplug Buttplug