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Site Performance Lately?

Performance on the site recently has been very poor. Lots of timeouts, messages that Search is deactivated temporarily due to load on the site. Yesterday I even got a message for about 30 minutes that all customization was disabled and the site was presented as a non-logged-in user due to “extreme load” on the site.

Is the team running the site aware?
Did ES blow up in popularity in the last month or two and the hosting isn’t keeping up?
Is it “just” a DDoS?
Does ES need a Patreon (ES is creating a searchable script archive community) to help offset hosting costs?

What’s the status, gladys?

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I was going to ask the same but also if you guys are accepting donations to make get the site on beefier hosting?


we’re vaguely aware of performance issues, but haven’t identified exactly where the bottle neck is. We’re also considering what upgrades we would need to resolve them and what the costs will be. But nothing quite figured out yet.


SAME! I love this place, definitely would be willing to donate to ensure smoother operation.


Performance has only been an real issue on and off the last two weeks (or maybe three). Before that I rarely encountered any serious performance issues with the site except that one time where you wrote you did some kind of background job with the database or something.

As it’s now it sometimes gets so bad that you get error 500 (internal server error). The site usually comes back within a couple of minutes though. Search seems to be affected at most peak hours (I guess that is afternoons/evenings in Europe and US), along with long load times in general. Scripts tend to sometimes fail to execute properly when you interact with a page, e.g. display bookmarks etc. during these periods of time.

Have you seen any major increase in traffic/visitors in the site statistics the last few weeks?

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For me the initial load is the worst, after it has loaded most things cache seems to take over and it is bearable again but the performance has degraded for sure.

tweaked some settings, hopefully the site will be more performant again.
Feel free to continue posting if things are still slow

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Seems faster. Thank you for the tweaks!

This. Will definently donate if the option is availible!

will consider it if we need the money for upgrades!
ideally we don’t need to pay more money though lol