Skipping on funscript

wondering if its possible to skip or fast forward on funscript? everytime i try
it just stops and i have to reload video and script to get it started again, using handy

What player are you using to run the funscripts?
Works fine for me on and scriptplayer atleast

still very new to this but mp4 i guess?

Hi Bigstan,

Don’t worry about asking questions we were all new once and it takes a bit of research to get your set up working how you want. What I believe Sphex is asking is what program are you using to control the handy. The handy website is one method but not the best one.

If your playing normal 2D video’s then Scriptplayer is some free software you can get via this site that gives you a lot of options and is pretty easy to use.

If your using VR then The DeoVR player has handy integration. There are set up guides in the help section for most of the players but definitely these two.

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