Sleeves for titjob and titfuck

First topic and I’m actually asking for some advice for my handy.

There’s now a lot of scripts involving titjob scenes and I was wondering : what sleeve could be good for this kind of scripts ?

After all we have sleeves for sex, anal or even blowjob But I couldn’t find anything for tits :face_with_diagonal_mouth:.

Maybe I’m the only one who has thought about it, but just in case I defer to the wisdom of this website :joy:

If anyone here have some sleeves they love to use for this or what kind of stimulation I must looking for some titjob
I would be grateful :blush:


I think you can go with Tenga 3D but don’t flip it over, so you end up rubbing yourself against the side that doesn’t have any textures.

Or maybe DIY with silicone breast (skin-safe ones), wrap two together and see how it goes.

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As a fellow paizuri lover I’ve most definitely been pondering this captivating conundrum in the past but have honestly no clue how you’d even go about emulating a titjob/titfuck with a sleeve.
Of course there are silicone breast masturbators - but with their inherent weight, getting that kind of automated movement going strikes me as pretty difficult.

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Just turn the standard handy sleeve inside out?

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The solution is quite simple, really.


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Here’s some steamed buns out of context


Thanks for the first replies.

A breast toys could be hard to be used with the handy😅

But if I need soft sleeve that’s easier to find it.

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I’ll put in my 2 cents.

The appeal of a titjob would be the weight of them slapping your groin as they go up and down if you think about it.
To replicate the feeling of two breasts squishing on your member would be trying to push warm sand / water bags together.

So i guess the softest and bland texture you can find. Bland, since you know, boobs aren’t textured like the others. Probably easier to turn a sleeve inside out since the outside is typically smooth, at least for onaholes.

The thicker it is the better probably. For both weight and close to replicating the feeling.

Not sure on tightness, but that could play a factor. Probably see about tightening the grip on the overall sleeve rather than finding the tightest hole. Hell you could probably make a belt system that can loosen or tighten.

And open hole instead of close hole, just have a bag over the opening to catch it.
If you can’t find a thick open hole one, just make a hole in a close hole.


Ill also add that you can probably use a heavier onahole with 2 Handy’s synced up together. Just an idea but has anyone ever tried three? Lmao


Really thanks for the replies, you’re all awesome !

Using many handy to use big toys sounds good but … Quite expensive :sweat_smile: . But using a flipped sleeve to feel the skin and attaching it give me an idea.

Using a clean sock to wrap around the flipped sleeve then attaching it to the handy .
It will surely be tight enough.

I’ll search for an adapted sleeve and trying it . I’ll give my review when it will be done :wink: .