SlowScripter. That guy who used to make scripts

5 months? 6 months? I don’t recall exactly when I got my quest 3, but after I did it was game over for 2d content. I was never a big fan of VR stuff, but after I checked out some passthrough content and discovered that DeoVr can control the script playback speed I was hooked. So with a new found interest in VR. And just a general lack of wanting to, I haven’t been putting out any new material and don’t plan on anytime soon. Sorry fellas.

If you haven’t checked out passthrough, I highly recommend that you do. Even on a quest 2 in a bright lit room it can be very enjoyable. I also recommend some dark gray pants if you want to blend into the scene more, this is not needed if your on the Q3.

Something else I just discovered that I’ve been hooked on for the past few days is
This is basically a simplified version of Virtamate and exactly what I hoping to find in a adult VR game. Virtamate is an amazing program with a ton of functionality, but also requires some dedication to learn. I’m not that dedicated. VrHot is something else I recommend taking a look at, there Patreon is only $10 and it gives you access to the side loaded quest app. The app and full version both have different advantages. The app is native passthrough and looks awesome. The full version on Steam has interactive toy support via but the passthrough is not as clean as the app.
If your already into this and have some Hottie cards you want to share, hit me up!

That’s all for now. I don’t really miss 2d porn, but I do kinda miss being active in the community. Feel free to ask any questions about the VR stuff I’m currently into.

Easy fellas :+1:

Hottie Card

SLR passthrough


Looks interesting thanks for the heads up. Any reliable global Steam key reseller for VR Hot? Not available in my country but can be activated.
Can you edit the character specs or clothes only?

I have the same problem, the steam version is not available in my country. I have heard that if you get a code you can use the game just as usual after a grace period of 90 days. Even if it is not avalable in your country, if you got it via a giftcode. Though i cannot confirm this.

Has it been that long? Damn I like your slow scripts.

Also a fan of VR and PT, but I don’t aways want to wear a headset so still watch a lot of flat content.

Will have to check out VR Hot.

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Oh, thanks for sharing your insights! I didn’t know about this until yet.

You said, that the full version on steam has interactive toy support; Do you know if that’s the case for the patreon version too? Steam is not an option here (geoblocked).

And what exactly is VR HOT? From the few screenshots and the short video, it looks like some sort of custom character creation that has some form of ‘AI’ ? What can you actually do there? Like, are there scenes, is it fully interactive, is there a virtamate hub like feature for custom content?

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Any recommendations for slower VR scripts would be greatly appreciated

Seems like german and chinese gamers are screwed. No chance to buy it on steam, not even game keys to buy. In the VR HOT discord the only thing the developers could say to help is that a person in another country could gift the game to us. Thats all.

Sooo, if you know someone in a foreign country who would do that for you - your good. Oh and if so, I would also happylie use that service - with a reward for said person of course.

I own both VR Hot and VAM + Quest 3. VR Hot is nice and yes the learning curve with VAM is extremely high, but nothing beats it when it comes to content / customisation.

Also once setup with Intiface + Vamsync, EVERY scene in VAM has toy support which was a pleasant surprise.


hey man happy to hear your into vr now, there is really no going back to 2d once u get a good headset. Slow scripts are my favorite, Hope you start making scripts for slow vr vids

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Unless I come across that unicorn scene, I won’t be scripting any VR scenes. With the ability to slow script playback I don’t see the need to do my own scripts.

For you guys who cannot get VrHot.
I recommend skipping steam and getting it through there Patreon. The Patreon is only $10 (full game is $40 on steam) you sign up and get a code for a Mega download. Load that file via sideloader and your good to go.

Things missing in Patreon version:

  1. Toy support
  2. Ability to move character with thumb sticks.
  3. Your character. You don’t get your own body, put you do get virtual hands and a cock.
  4. Not as many clothes and hair options.
  5. Cannot create hottie cards, but you can download and use others cards. There is a channel on the discord.

I should also mention this game is still under development and rather buggy. So the $10 route is a good option to check out the game without a huge commitment. You might also look into

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My only recommendation is using the playback control on DeoVR. I’ve been using that to slow the script speed.

Question. Are you using the steam version, or the meshed VR Patreon? I’ve only used the Patreon, is the steam version better?

I have never used the Steam version, AFAIK it was pulled from there. Only / Patreon. There’s no differences between them.

Too bad we’re years away from a proper VAM2 release (not beta), the dev is notoriously slow with updates.

damn, havent turned on my q2 in months. maybe it’s time to dive back in to that realm of media…

btw your link’s dead; that reddit post was removed by sub mods. go figure

Damn, how did I miss this post? I truly miss your scripts. Hope sometime you’ll come back to 2D!

Just got a VR headset myself and tried VR porn for the first time yesterday. There is definitely potential but the available content I’ve seen so far seems boring to me. I think I will use it sometimes to switch things up but mostly have the VR headset play the 2D stuff on a really big screen.

Curious question: when using VR hot with the Handy, how do you set it up? My hands free works best for sitting at a desk but seems like that would maybe restrict movements too much?