SLR 200 degree movies?

i have an SLR subscription and use it a lot for scripts & movies , but recently they have started putting 200 degree movies on their site.
i have an oculus quest and when i watch these movies the picture is distorted is ther a way to watch these in their correct format whilst using a script?

should be ok when you use the slr app

If you are playing the video locally do not remove “_MKX200” from the filename and use slr app/deovr.

ihavent removed anything from filename and i am using the slr app playing files locally but it doesntlook right , all distorted

that’s odd… deovr should play them properly as long as the filename is correct just like husky said. you could try toggling a couple settings:
-dynamic mesh projection
-stereo mode in player

those might possibly help. are you having this trouble with all 200 deg videos or a specific one? when playing the video do you have the option to choose flat or sbs or 180 degrees etc, or does it choose automatically and not let you change?

do the videos play properly when you’re not using a script with them?

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