SLR 8K/7K/6K Downloads failing repeatedly at the same point

So there are certain recently scripted videos on SLR (usually from RealJamVR and LethalHardCoreVR) that consistently download incompletely to exactly the same point across multiple attempts and across Brace, FireFox, and Opera. I filed a help request with SLR about this and they said do not provide support in any way for such downloads.

(6K stops at 4.1 GB): Payton Uses Her 36EE Tits To Drain You Dry - Huge Tits Curvy Thick Riding Dick
(7K Stops at 8.1 GB): Oiled Massage from Scarlett Alexis - RealJamVR | SexLikeReal

There are several more, but I post here to ask if anyone else has downloaded these successfully? It really doesn’t seem like the problem is at my end at this point.

I previously had the same experience with various downloads from SLR. I could never figure out a direct fix, and as you say found no help from support.

I did eventually start using Free Download Manager - download everything from the internet with the Firefox extension any time I download from SLR. Using that download manager I never had download issues and was even able to go back and get the files that always failed previously.

I have no stake in that particular download manager, but it works well for me. It or another download manager may work for you to let you download those files.

Both of these videos download just fine for me at these resolutions, so it’s SOMETHING on your end. I used Chrome, but that shouldn’t matter. Maybe you have some adblock/firewall/download settings or ISP throttling going on?

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Thank you! It is the strangest thing, but thank you again for verifying it’s something at my end!

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